DSP 2000-2009

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Here are the second 10 years (2000-2009) of games that were awarded the Deutscher Spiele Preis (DSP), which is a prize given to a game considered to be a true “gamer’s game” each year.

Only the first game in the list was actually given the award. The other 9 games show their relative positions based on votes cast. See the official DSP site (German) for more information.

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1st: Taj Mahal – Reiner Knizia

2nd: Torres – Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling

3rd: Vinci – Philippe Keyaerts

4th: Princes of Florence (Die Fürsten von Florenz) – Wolfgang Kramer & Richard Ulrich

5th: La Cittá – Gerd Fenchel

6th: Citadels (Ohne Furcht und Adel) – Bruno Faidutti

7th: Web of Power (Kardinal & König) – Michael Schacht

8th: Carolus Magnus – Leo Colovini

9th: Aladdin’s Dragons – Richard Breese

10th: Merchants of Amsterdam (Die Kaufleute von Amsterdam) – Reiner Knizia


1st: Carcassonne – Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

2nd: Medina – Stefan Dorra

3rd: Genoa (Traders of Genoa, Die Händler von Genua) – Rüdiger Dorn

4th: Evo – Philippe Keyaerts

5th: Capitol – Alan R. Moon & Aaron Weissblum

6th: Cartagena – Leo Colovini

7th: San Marco – Alan R. Moon & Aaron Weissblum

8th: Babel – Hagen Dorgathen & Uwe Rosenberg

9th: Java – Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling

10th: Das Amulett – Alan R. Moon & Aaron Weissblum


1st: Puerto Rico – Andreas Seyfarth

2nd: TransAmerica – Franz-Benno Delonge

3rd: Dschunke – Michael Schacht

4th: Villa Paletti – Bill Payne

5th: Mexica – Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling

6th: Nautilus – Brigitte Ditt & Wolfgang Ditt

7th: Goldland – Wolfgang Kramer

8th: Pueblo – Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling

9th: Pirate’s Cove – Daniel Stahl & Paul Randles

10th: Pizarro & Co. (Magellan) – Thomas Lehmann


1st: Amun Re – Reiner Knizia

2nd: Alhambra – Dirk Henn

3rd: Clans – Leo Colovini

4th: Paris Paris – Michael Schacht

5th: Domaine – Klaus Teuber

6th: Fische Fluppen Frikadellen – Friedemann Friese

7th: Mare Nostrum – Serge Laget

8th: New England – Alan R. Moon & Aaron Weissblum

9th: Coloretto – Michael Schacht

10th: Edel, Stein & Reich – Reinhard Staupe


1st: Saint Petersburg – Bernd Brunnhofer & Michael Tummelhofer

2nd: San Juan – Andreas Seyfarth

3rd: Goa – Rüdiger Dorn

4th: Attika – Marcel-André Casasola Merkle

5th: Ingenious (Einfach Genial) – Reiner Knizia

6th: Ticket To Ride – Alan R. Moon

7th: Maharaja: Palace Building in India – Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling

8th: Fearsome Floors – Friedemann Friese

9th: Hansa – Michael Schacht

10th: The Bridges of Shangri-La – Leo Colovini


1st: Louis XIV – Rüdiger Dorn

2nd: Niagara – Thomas Liesching

3rd: Manila – Franz-Benno Delonge

4th: Ubongo – Grzegorz Rejchtman

5th: Himalaya – Régis Bonnessée

6th: Around the World in 80 Days – Michael Rieneck

7th: Shadows Over Camelot (Schatten über Camelot) – Bruno Cathala & Serge Laget

8th: Jambo – Rüdiger Dorn

9th: The Scepter of Zavandor (Das Zepter von Zavandor) – Jens Drögemüller

10th: That’s Life! (Verflixxt) – Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling


1st: Caylus – William Attia

2nd: Thurn and Taxis – Andreas Seyfarth & Karen Seyfarth

3rd: Antike – Mac Gerdts

4th: Blue Moon City – Reiner Knizia

5th: Mesopotamia – Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

6th: Elasund – The First City (of Catan) – Klaus Teuber

7th: Masons (Mauerbauer) – Leo Colovini

8th: Hacienda – Wolfgang Kramer

9th: Augsburg 1520 – Karsten Hartwig

10th: Rum & Pirates – Stefan Feld


1st: The Pillars of the Earth – Michael Rieneck & Stefan Stadler

2nd: Notre Dame – Stefan Feld

3rd: Vikings – Michael Kiesling

4th: Yspahan – Sébastien Pauchon

5th: Zooloretto – Michael Schacht

6th: Arkadia – Rüdiger Dorn

7th: Imperial – Mac Gerdts

8th: Leonardo Da Vinci – Acchittocca, Antonio Tinto, Flaminia Brasini, Stefano Luperto, & Virginio Gigli

9th: Thebes – Peter Prinz

10th: Colosseum – Wolfgang Kramer & Markus Lübke


1st: Agricola – Uwe Rosenberg

2nd: Stone Age – Bernd Brunnhofer & Michael Tummelhofer

3rd: Cuba – Michael Rieneck & Stefan Stadler

4th: In the Year Of The Dragon – Stefan Feld

5th: Tribune: Primus Inter Pares – Karl-Heinz Schmiel

6th: Hamburgum – Mac Gerdts

7th: Galaxy Trucker – Vlaada (Vladimír) Chvátil

8th: Keltis – Reiner Knizia

9th: Witch’s Brew – Andreas Pelikan

10th: Metropolys – Sébastien Pauchon


1st: Dominion – Donald X. Vaccarino

2nd: Le Havre – Uwe Rosenberg

3rd: Pandemic – Matt Leacock

4th: Finca – Ralf zur Linde & Wolfgang Sentker

5th: Small World – Philippe Keyaerts

6th: Valdora – Michael Schacht

7th: Diamonds Club – Rüdiger Dorn

8th: Through The Ages – Vlaada (Vladimír) Chvátil

9th: Sherwood Forest – Nils Finkemeyer

10th: Fauna – Friedemann Friese

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