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Twilight Struggle – Conquer as the United States or the Soviet Union.

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization – Build your civilization throughout history.

Puerto Rico – Gather resources with your workers and sell or ship them to increase your wealth.

Agricola – Manage your farm – the family, animals, fields, crops, house, yard – making it valuable and viable.

Power Grid – Power your section of the country efficiently.

Le Havre – Collect goods, construct buildings, and ship your wares for wealth.

Brass – Build mills, mines, iron works, canals, railways, ports, and shipyards in England.

Dominion (several versions) – Build your deck of cards most efficiently.

Caylus – Gather goods and build buildings while garnering the favor of the king.

Mage Knight – Cooperatively (or solo) defeat all the monsters before time runs out.