Party Games Involve Many Players

Listed below are a few of the best party games currently available. Click the links or the pictures to check the price of each on Amazon.

The Best Party Game – An At-Home Escape Room Game!

Escape room games are super popular nowadays, and I can see why. They get people involved – and that’s exactly what we need from a party game.

At-home escape room games may not have the polish of ‘pro’ escape rooms, but they’re a fun, immersive experience that you can easily scale up or down to accommodate literally¬†any number of people.

Click here to read more about how to host your own escape room party.


Envy – Work together to crack fun puzzles and solve a mysterious murder.

Lost Mummy – Escape a spooky tomb in this at home escape room game that’s great for playing with the kids.

Frost – Team up to beat the challenges of the Winter Faire in a kids escape room game that’s perfect for young girls.

Time’s Up! (several versions) – Guess famous names quickly; clues are restricted.

Dixit – The dictionary game with pictures

Telestrations – Combines the telephone game with Pictionary

The Resistance – Support or sabotage the mission.

PitchCar – Flick your car around the track faster and better than your opponents.

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow – Eliminate suspects until the werewolf is discovered.

Wits & Wagers (Party) – Bet on numerical trivia questions. Wager wisely to win.

Tumblin-Dice – Dexterity dice rolling – or pushing.

Liar’s Dice – Bid the communal faces of the dice until you’re the only one left.

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