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Mage Knight – Cooperatively (or solo) defeat all the monsters before time runs out.

War of the Ring – Control the land as the Free Peoples or Shadow Armies.

Earth Reborn – In a post-nuclear-disaster world, seize control as NORAD or the SALEMITES.

Battlestar Galactica – Humans against Cylons – or is it?

Runewars – Battle each other in a fantasy world.

Twilight Imperium – Lead your galactic civilization to control of the imperial throne.

Claustrophobia – Recreate battles in the underground tunnels below New Jerusalem in the universe of Hell Dorado.

Thunderstone – Build your card deck to fight the evils of the dungeon.

Blood Bowl: Living RuleBook – Imagine orcs and elves competing in football.

Chaos in the Old World – Use your god’s unique abilities to conquer the others and the inhabitants of the Old World.

Space Alert – Cooperatively complete your mission safely and quickly in your small spaceship in real time.