Deutscher Spiele Preis Awards Great Games

If you’re interested in some great “gamer’s games”, take a look at this reference GeekList¬†of Deutscher Spiele Pries (DSP) games that I made at Most of these German board games are often referred to as Euro board games.

There are games in that list I had never heard of until today. I’d like to try them all – well, maybe with the exception of Girl Talk. How did that one get onto the list anyway?

As of this writing, I own about two dozen of them and have played several more, but nowhere near the 200 games shown there.

Update: DSP List at Fun Board Games

You can still look at the list I made earlier at Board Game Geek, but now you can also see a DSP list right here at Fun Board Games. You can click here or get there via the Top Games menu up above.

I’ve divided them by decade starting with the 1990s. Each year shows the winner and the nine runners up. You can click the name of each game to check its availability on Amazon.

I’ve written reviews of many of the games in the lists. You can find those via the Game Reviews menu. I don’t have reviews of all of them (yet) because I haven’t played them all. Some of them are very difficult to find, so I doubt I’ll ever have reviews for each and every DSP game. There are also some, like Girl Talk, that I have no interest in trying, so that’s another reason you probably will never see a complete battery of reviews here.

Deutscher Spiele Preis – German Game Prize