Keep As Many Games As You Can

As of this writing, the list of games I own recorded at Board Game Geek (BGG) totals 157. If you take out all the expansions, games that can be played with a standard deck of cards, games that are actually owned by my children (and just stored at our house), versions of Trivial Pursuit other than the original, and games up for trade, that total comes down to somewhere in the 115 to 120 range.

My Game Corner
My Game Corner

I’ve been playing an average of 1.5 games per day. (I record all my plays at BGG.) At that rate, if I wanted to play 120 different games as quickly as possible, it would take me 80 days to do so. Of course, that won’t happen because there are some games we like to play more than once every 80 days. And there are those that are difficult to get to the table because of the number of players required, the number of players we prefer to play with, or the fact that someone simply won’t play them with me. 😥

When I first got into board gaming about 4 years ago, I got quite a few games fairly regularly. More recently game acquisition has tapered off significantly. I’m much more finicky about which games to even consider buying or asking for. I’d much prefer to play the game beforehand, and if I can get another family member to play it too, so much the better.

I’m wondering if 120 is the rough total number of games I’ll ever own at one time. Will I need to get rid of some I currently own before acquiring new ones? Or will the total be able to increase to 130? 140? 150? What number will really feel like too many? To me, that is. I already know what 120 feels like to some relatives. 🙂

Assuming you’re not a true game collector, how many is not enough fun board games owned for you? How many is just right? How many is too many?

How Many Games Should You Keep?