Protecting the Queen Bee of the Hive

HiveHive is one of those “board” games that doesn’t have a board. The board moves around much like a swarm of insects.

Hive is a tile placement board game that uses hexagonal wooden blocks with pictures of various insects on them. You have a Queen Bee, ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and spiders. Each insect has a unique pattern in which it may move.

  • The Queen Bee may only move one space at a time.
  • Ants can move any number of spaces around the edge of the hive.
  • Spiders can move three spaces along the perimeter.
  • Beetles can move one space and can hop on top of other pieces.
  • Grasshoppers may jump over a row of pieces, stopping at the first empty space.

Hive is a 2 player game that has some similarities to chess. The biggest difference between the two, however, is that Hive doesn’t use a board. You can move your insects anywhere on the table as long as all pieces remain part of the hive; that is, stay connected.

The object of Hive is to completely surround your opponent’s Queen Bee thus preventing her from moving. Part of your objective then too is to keep your own Queen Bee from being surrounded. You need to think ahead a couple of moves to be sure she always has a way out.

Hive is a game with a delicate balance between offense and defense. You need to press the attack on the opposing Queen Bee while maintaining a safe haven for your own.

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Buzzzzz around the Hive

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