How to Play Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire is a fresh approach to Hasbro’s old favourite, and it’s a game which will appeal to anyone who loves playing fun, interactive board games with friends and family.

Similar to the original board game, the objective is to make a million dollars as fast as you can. Players roll dice and progress around the board as they would in the original game, buying or auctioning property they land on. Unlike the original, players have to use their money and take risks, rather than just accumulating property and waiting for people to land on it. You also risk losing your property cards – landing on a Fortune space might mean that you gain money, houses or Get Our of Jail free cards, but you might be forced to give money or even property away to another player. This introduces a much more interesting dynamic to the game.

Players also have the opportunity to upgrade their ‘Movers’, the pieces you push around the board, and the game rewards you for doing so when you pass Go – the better your Mover, the more money you receive from the bank! Millionaire Lifestyle and Chance cards can also give you money, and those who have upgraded their Movers may receive more. These cards can also take away – it’s luck of the draw!

Players can employ various tactics, but a solid strategy involves upgrading your Mover as much as possible, buying as much property as you can afford, and making sure you keep a little aside for those inevitable fines and losses! In keeping with Monopoly tradition, landing on another player’s property forces you to pay them the rental amount specified on the title deed, and players can increase this rental value by building on their properties, so the more mansions you build the more rent you earn.

So what’s hot about Monopoly Millionaire? The game is much more interesting and dynamic than its older counterpart, and much less long-winded. It’s easy to pick up and play with family and friends, and you can play several games in the time it would take you to complete the original board game. The gameplay is much more interesting, with rewards for the adventurous coupled with risks that can change the game quickly. You can also give gifts and throw parties!

It’s suitable for 2-4 players, and the more people you have the more interesting gameplay will be. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun for two though – in fact, playing it one-on-one can be intensely challenging. It has high re-playability, and as it’s a quick game to play. At around 20 minutes a go, you can play multiple games rather than one long one.

What’s Hot about Monopoly Millionaire