Sorry Sliders
Sorry Sliders

If you like shuffleboard, or perhaps curling, you’ll like Sorry Sliders. If you have never played either of the first two, there’s still a good chance you’ll like this game.

If you like Sorry, I have no idea if you’ll like this game. The only connection between the two is the shape of the pieces.

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If you’re not sure yet, read the review below to help you decide.

How Do You Play Sorry Sliders?

Sorry Sliders comes with 2 double-sided center boards that are your targets. You can pick any one of them – the red, blue, yellow, or green – as your scoring area.

Each one has different ways to score. Any of them works just fine. No one is better or easier or harder to use than another.

Red and yellow boards
Red and yellow boards
Blue and green boards
Blue and green boards

You attach an alley to each side of the center board for each of the players. If you have fewer than 4 players, you can insert a guardrail along the edge not in play so that pieces don’t roll off onto the table.

If you play against only 1 other person, you should sit opposite each other.

Each player also gets a small scoring track that looks a little like the home area of the original Sorry game.

Four small pawns of your color start at the bottom of your scoring track. You have four larger pieces with ball bearings in their bottoms that you slide along your alley towards the center board.

Part of the way down the alley is a foul line that you’re not supposed to pass when you’re still holding onto your slider. We are usually quite generous about this line because it’s almost impossible to tell if a player has really passed it illegally or not.

Sorry Sliders setup
Sorry Sliders setup

On your turn, you simply slide a piece down your alley trying to make it stop in the best scoring area of the center board. Usually this is in the center of that board.

Just as in shuffleboard and curling, you can try to bump pieces already on the board to increase your score and decrease your opponent’s score.

When everyone has slid all their pieces, you score the round.

You move each of your scoring pawns up you score track for each of your pieces in the center.

It’s possible for a piece to be knocked off the center board. If this happens to one piece, you would only move three of your scoring pawns.

To move a pawn into the home area, you must get there by exact count. The first person to move all 4 pawns into the home area is the winner.

What’s the Verdict on Sorry Sliders?

Sorry Sliders is a light-hearted game for 2 to 4 players. You can play solo but that’s really more for practice. I wouldn’t call it an actual game.

It’s so light that it almost has a party game feel. But I like this game; I don’t like almost all party games.

There’s really no strategy involved. Your tactics are just to score as many points as possible while denying points to your opponents.

You can easily play this game with younger children. As long as they can manage to slide the pieces, they – and you – will have fun with this game.

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