Fend Off Rats in Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a fun board game of card drafting, hand management, and more. You get to play with tiny wooden cubes which is fun more often than not, and you get to fight off rats which is fun much less often. 🙁

Notre DameNotre Dame is another game where scoring points is most important. How you score points is up to you as there are several possibilities.

You can gain points outright. You can get them from the cathedral, but you might have to share. You can trade other items for them. You can pick them up in your carriage.

One of the more interesting features of Notre Dame is how you get action cards to play. You start with 3 of your own cards, select one to keep, and pass the other 2 to the player on your left.

You’ll get 2 cards from the player on your right. You keep 1 and pass the other. Then you decide which 2 of the 3 you now have you want to play this round. There’s plenty of guessing and second guessing to go around.

I mentioned that Notre Dame involves rats. Each round, a random number of rats invades your section of the city. If you’re not prepared to fend them off, you’ll lose a fair portion of what you’ve gained. And while losing once to the rats isn’t a sure sign of defeat, losing more than once likely means you won’t win the game.

Notre Dame has a uniquely shaped board that accommodates 3, 4, or 5 players. With 3 players, the central cathedral piece is a triangle. With 4, it’s a square. With 5, it’s a pentagon (as shown in the picture).

If you appreciate hand management games like Notre Dame, you might want to try out a print-and-play game called micropul.

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The Bell Ringer of Notre Dame

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