Playing a Game Twice (or More Often) in a Row

You know the feeling. At least I hope you do.

You play a game, and as soon as you finish, you want to play it again right then and there.

Fun board game Blokus

We played 2 of those games tonight – Can’t Stop and Quiddler. The former is a press-your-luck style, dice game. The latter is a word game played with cards.

Not only did we not want to stop rolling the dice when it was our turn, we also couldn’t stop playing Can’t Stop once someone had won the first game. We rolled right into a second game and gave someone else a chance to win.

Quiddler turned out much the same way. Both games are light enough and short enough that we finished all four plays and a game of Blokus while three other gamers enjoyed the challenge of Through the Ages. In fact, they were still finishing their last Age long after we were done and too tired to play more.

I enjoy all of the above. I’d played Through the Ages at our last game night, so I bowed out of that one this time and opted for the shorter ones.

What games have you played where you found they were so nice you wanted to play them twice (or more) in a row?

Games So Nice You Play Them Twice