Kingsburg Is a Dice Placement Game

Kingsburg is a worker placement board game where the workers are dice you have rolled. Unlike many other dice games where your roll is in direct competition with your opponent’s, most of the time in Kingsburg what you can do with your roll is only loosely connected to other rolls.

KingsburgThe main portion of the Kingsburg game board shows 18 advisers to the King (rather strangely including the King himself). It is on these 18 spaces that you will place your dice-workers.

You roll three dice each turn. You can then place each one separately on the numbered space corresponding to the number of pips on the die or you can add two or all three together and make the appropriate placement.

You can also earn additional (white) dice to enhance your total and options. Such dice must always be paired with one or more of your own colored dice.

For example, if you rolled 2-3-6 using only your three colored dice, you would have these options for placement:

  • 2, 3, 6
  • 5, 6
  • 2, 9
  • 3, 8
  • 11

Each of the 18 space rewards its workers with resources, points, defensive strength (for fighting the bad guys), or a peek at who the upcoming bad guys are going to be.

Each game of Kingsburg spans 5 years. At the end of each year, you must fight the bad guys – goblins, demons, dragons, and more – who are attempting to invade the realm. If you have accumulated enough strength to defeat them, you are rewarded with more goods or points. If you lose them, they steal things from you – usually quite a lot.

During each year, you collect resources for the purpose of building various structures shown on your personal mat. Most buildings are worth points. They also afford defensive strength or provide you with special abilities to help you defeat the enemy and your human opponents.

Just as the dice in the fun board game Kingsburg are used in an unusual way, the dice in Gemlok have unusual markings on them – not the usual pips.

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A Unique Way to Use Dice – Kingsburg

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