Bohnanza Is the Funniest Game I’ve Ever Heard

Bohnanza is a card game of trading and harvesting all types of beans – red, blue, green, black-eyed, coffee, stink, and more.

Yes, stink beans. It’s this variety of beans and the interaction as players trade them that makes Bohnanza almost as much fun to listen to as it is to play. It can be hilarious just to listen in on someone else playing the game.

BohnanzaYou have a hand of these bean cards. There’s nothing special about that. What is different is that, as you pick up cards from the draw pile, you must add them to the “back” of your hand and you cannot change the order of your hand. In addition, you must play cards from the “front” of your hand.

This feature makes for some interesting play. In some cases, you have to use it or lose it. Sometimes losing it can be to your benefit however.

Bohnanza is also a set collection game. You collect sets of bean cards to harvest them for coins, which are the back sides of the cards. The value of a set of beans depends on how many you have collected and the stated values of various-sized collections shown at the bottom of the card.

Depending on the number of players, you might not use all the different types of beans. Each bean type comes in different amounts from 4 through 24. The scarcer the bean, the more valuable when cashing it in.

You can also trade unwanted bean cards to other players. This is where the listening in part comes into play. “I’ll give you my stink bean for your black-eyed bean.”

You can play Bohnanza with 2 to 7 players, but 5 or 6 is probably the best.

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Did Someone Say Stink Bean? A Bohnanza Review