You’ll Want to Play Blokus Several Times in a Row

Blokus, whether you pronounce it blow-kus or block-us, is a board game that looks almost too simple to be any fun, yet more than once I’ve played with a group of players who wanted to play several times in a row. There’s always that “I-can-do-better-next-time” feel that keeps you coming back for more.

BlokusBlokus is an area control and hand (of tiles) management board game that has just a few simple rules.

Your first tile – yes, they do remind you of Tetris, if you’re familiar with that video game – must be played in your corner. Each tile you play after that must touch one or more of your own tiles only at one or more corners. It must not touch your own tiles along any side.

Your tiles may touch other players’ tiles at any point – even along the sides.

When you can’t find a legal play, you must pass and are done for the round. Other players continue until they too must pass. When all have played as many tiles as possible, count the individual squares composing your remaining tiles to get your final score. Low score wins. (This is the scoring method we use which isn’t exactly what the Blokus rules state, but it works.)

The Blokus tiles are fun to hold and play around with off the board. They’re also virtually indestructible; they’re sturdy enough that you don’t need to worry about children breaking them.

Using tiles to control an area is the main feature of both Blokus and Uptown which you can read about here.

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Don’t Get Blocked Out in Blokus

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