Whatever Is For Sale May Be Yours

For Sale is a card game with wagering that plays quickly yet packs a lot of fun into a short period of time.

You start with a small bankroll of coins that you use to bid on various properties. These properties appear randomly in groups equal to the number of players. (There can be from 3 to 6, with 5 probably optimal.) You bid for the right to acquire the highest-valued available property in the current group – or as players often perceive it, the right not to be stuck with the lowest-valued property.

For SaleThere are 30 properties valued from 1 through 30. You want the highest-valued properties because you’ll use these cards for bidding on checks worth thousands of dollars in the second half of the game.

If you win the current round, you lose your entire bid. If you bow out of the bidding earlier, you take the lowest card showing and lose half of your bid (rounded in your favor).

When all properties have been awarded, you use your hand of cards to simultaneously blind bid on a set of checks that are made available. The checks range from $2000 through $15,000 plus 2 voided checks worth nothing, and there are two of each value.

You ultimate goal is to end up with as much money (in check form) as possible.

Knowing when to bow out in the first half of For Sale and making every effort to avoid getting stuck with a voided check in the second half are important parts of winning the game.

Another fun part of For Sale is the art work. From the cardboard box to the space station, each “home” is quite something to look at.

Using cards for bidding, as is done in For Sale, is a mechanic that is implemented in a slightly different way in El Grande, the topic of the next post.

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Is Your Place Up For Sale?

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