Win Quiddler with a Large Vocabulary

Quiddler is a card game for those who like word games. If you can correctly spell lots of short words, you should do well at Quiddler.

QuiddlerQuiddler cards each have one or two letters of the alphabet on them and a point value. Your goal each round is to use all your cards but one to spell words, preferably the most words or the longest word compared to your opponents. Bonuses are given in those instances.

Quiddler is played over 8 rounds. In the first round, you get three cards; in the second, four; and so on with the final round being 10 cards. On your turn, you can draw a card from the discard pile or from the deck. When you can use all the cards in your hand (except that one left for discarding) to spell words, you may go out by laying your words on the table.

Other players each get one more turn and must play as many cards as they can. You add up the point value of all cards used in your words and subtract any left over in your hand.

It’s not uncommon for one player to be able to go out very quickly, especially in the early rounds. As long as you’re dealt both vowels and consonants, or can pick up the needed card, you can usually make a valid word or two. Later rounds may take a little longer, but Quiddler still usually plays very quickly.

If you are a word game fan, you’ll probably enjoy both Quiddler and the subject of the next post, WordSpot.

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Quiddler: Cards to Words

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