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Word gamers have a somewhat limited selection of fun board games to play, at least, compared to the vast number of board games of all types that exist. In the huge database of games at Board Game Geek, only 1800 currently are ascribed to the word game category. That’s about 3.5% of the total.

WordSpotWordSpot is a relatively new (2006) word board game that you can sometimes find at bookstores and other non-specialty stores. Of course, it’s always available online too.

The WordSpot board is made of tile squares that show 4 letters each. The starting board is a 4×4 grid of those tiles randomly placed on the table.

Each player in this 2-player board game receives a supply of smokey colored tokens. When you spot a word in a row, column, or diagonal (in any direction including backward), you place some of your tokens over those letters. Covered letters may be reused later.

If your word crosses over 3 or more of the game board tiles, you get to select another letter tile from the supply. You may add that tile anywhere around the edge of the board on any turn.

The player who places all of his tokens first is the winner.

We own our fair share of word board games – over 5% of our total. So, in addition to WordSpot, I have another fun board game involving words, Upwords, to tell you about here.

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