Sailing around Trollhalla

Trollhalla is a lighthearted and unpredictable board game where you try to collect more plunder than your opponents as you pillage various islands and have a lot of fun along the way.

TrollhallaIn Trollhalla, you control of a group of trolls that are tired of simply hiding under bridges and waiting for unsuspecting travelers. You decide to be proactive and sail to nearby islands in search of loot.

Each island has a randomly drawn set of tiles on it, each representing a different type of loot that is worth a certain amount of points. However, you need to be cautious of Billy Goats that can either earn a lot of points or kick other loot off of your ship.

You can collect loot by boarding your trolls on one of three boats and using other trolls to help guide the ship to the island they wish to go to. Additionally, when you play your trolls in the sea rather than on a boat, they collect one of three types of weather cards.

When you collect a pair of matching weather cards, you can use them to wreak havoc throughout the game by wiping out stacks of trolls, flipping boats, and getting an extra troll on a turn.

Trollhalla shipOn each turn you place two trolls (or three if you have the right pair of weather cards) and then roll the die. The die will indicate one of the three boats in the game.

If the boat that you rolled is full, it will try to move to an island and pillage. If the boat is not full, then one of the Chief Trolls will board the ship and play passes to the next player.

When a boat leaves an island, the now-vacated island is filled with loot. When there is no loot left to fill an island, the game is over and the players count their points.

Each piece of loot that you collect is worth a set amount of points. Additionally, a set of 4 or more of each type of loot gives you bonus points, and a bonus is also scored for the first (and sometimes second) player to collect at least one of every different type of loot.

The more players there are in Trollhalla, the more chaos there is. If you don’t like luck in your games, this one may not be for you.

Trollhalla is an easy to learn, lighthearted, quick game with a lot of chaos (due to die rolling and weather cards). It is fun for gamers and non-gamers alike with good variety from game to game and beautiful artwork.

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Trollhalla Is Full of Trolls

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