Die Macher – Playing with German Politics

Die Macher (pronounced dee mocker and translated from German as The Makers) is a board game I acquired too soon in my board gaming career. I opened the box, looked at (but didn’t punch out) the bits, read the rules, and put it away. I then traded it for another board game without ever attempting to play it.

Die MacherSo I can’t say for sure if I like Die Macher or not, but I have the feeling I wouldn’t, mostly because of the political aspects involved. I’m also fairly certain it would rarely, if ever, get played because of its length (6 hours) and number of players needed (3-5, but not recommended with only 3) for a decent experience.

That said, this is a very popular board game and not one you should dismiss without further examination.

Die Macher is a resource management game in which you will do well if your German national political party does well in regional elections.

If you’re still a rookie or sophomore in your board gaming career, you might want to postpone picking up Die Macher for fear of making the same mistake I did. But if you’re a seasoned veteran of the gaming world and have the resources for play, go for it. Odds are you won’t regret your choice.

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Fun Meters (out of 5)
Party: 1
Strategy: 5
Family: 2

Die Macher – Not for the Faint of Heart Board Gamer