At Least Those Who Take Polls Like Games

Here’s an interesting graphic from SwagBucks. It’s the results of a daily poll I took along with an unknown number of other visitors.

Poll results

I’m not sure why the percentages only add up to 97%. I suppose you could try to do the math to figure the minimum number of poll takers required to get those percentages, but I’m not going to bother.

I found it interesting that the numbers are spread so evenly across those who like to play games.

But what I found even more interesting is that there are only 7% who claim they don’t like to play games at all!

I enjoy both card and board games. Since that wasn’t an option, I chose board games. I don’t hate video games, but I don’t own anything to play them on and just have no desire to acquire same. So I’m in agreement with almost 70% of everyone who took the poll. I’d like to think this is a fair cross-section of the general populace, but it might not be.

My questions now are these: Do only 7% of the people you know not like to play games of any type? Do about 30% of your acquaintances not like to play card or board games?

People Like Games