Roll ’em through the Dice Town

Dice Town is a fun board game that uses some cool-looking specialty dice that have the 9 through Ace from a standard deck of (poker) cards on their 6 sides. You’ve probably never seen dice quite like those you shake and roll in Dice Town.

Dice TownYou shake those 5 dice simultaneously with your opponents and keep them hidden under your dice cup so that only you can see them. You get to keep one die each time you roll for free. To keep more or less than that, you must pay $1 for each die you want to keep.

When one person has finished rolling and keeping their last die, everyone else who has any dice left to roll gets one final roll and must keep them all (for free).

You may have one or more goals when deciding which dice to keep each round. The player with the most 9s, will get one gold nugget for each 9. The player with the most 10s will get all the cash in the bank.

Dice Town dice
Dice Town dice

If you roll the most Jacks, you pick that number of cards from the General Store and keep just one of them. General Store cards are either “rule breakers” or victory points.

If you roll the most Queens, you pick that number of cards from another player and keep just one of them. The player who rolls the most Kings, becomes sheriff. The sheriff settles all ties and is open to being bribed when a decision must be made.

The person who rolls the best poker hand gets the bottom of three face up land claim cards that are worth victory points. If that poker hand contained two or more Aces, he gets more land claim cards (up to three total).

If perchance you could not benefit from any of the situations above, you get to visit Doc Badluck for a consolation prize involving gold nuggets, or cash, or cards.

When all the nuggets are gone or all the land cards have been claimed, Dice Town ends. You score one point for each gold nugget, one point for every 2 dollars, 5 points if you are the current sheriff, plus points on any cards you have collected and kept.

Dice Town is a noisy (if you roll your dice on a hard surface), fun board game that you might even want to play more than once at a sitting. Despite is name Drive (as in driving a car), the subject of the next post, is much quieter to play.

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Stake Your Claim in Dice Town

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