Vagabondo Uses Tetris-Like Pieces

Vagabondo. Does the name come from “vagabond”? If so, I’m not sure how it would relate to the game. Vagabondo is a tile laying board game that I think works best for 2 players, but you can play with as many as six. The tiles in Vagabondo are Tetris-like or pentomino-style.

VagabondoYou play a Vagabondo tile next to an opponents tile but not next to your own. (I see there’s a misplaced tile or two in the photo. Can you spot them?) Each time you place a tile, you score the value of your tile and the value(s) of any adjacent tile(s) belonging to your opponent.

You continue to play tiles until all are on the board or you have no more legal places to play. When all players have placed as many tiles as possible, check the scores on the scoring tracks around the edge of the board. The highest score, as you’d expect, wins.

Vagabondo is a simple abstract, tile laying game that may appeal more to children who can understand the easy-to-learn rules than it will for adults who are looking for something meaty in an abstract game. Then again, adults who want a quick abtract (say, 30 minutes or less) will find Vagabondo to be right up their alley.

Another tile laying game like the fun board game Vagabondo is The Hanging Gardens. The Hanging Gardens tiles are collectible, rather than playable. See the next post for more info.

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Vagabondo Review

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