Wander among the Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens is a set collection board game where you gather tiles representing the famous Hanging Gardens of ancient Babylon. To collect a tile though, you first need to play your cards right.

The Hanging GardensOn your turn, pick up one of the face up cards along the edge of The Hanging Gardens.

There is a special rule for playing your building cards. No building square may touch the table; that is, if the back side of a given square would touch the table, the play is illegal. You do start with a blank card so your first play can be legal too.

The more tiles you collect of a given color, the more points you’ll score. The problem is that the color set(s) you’re collecting may not always be available to you, either because your building isn’t big enough or because there simply aren’t any of that color showing.

There are also a few special tiles in each set that can award you bonus points at the end of the game.

Generally, collecting as many tiles as you can is a good idea. If they happen to all belong to just a few color sets, so much the better.

When the deck of cards is gone, players reveal the tiles they’ve collected and count up their points. Highest score wins.

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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Come to Your Table

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