Dice Games Played the Right Way

Dice Games Properly ExplainedReiner Knizia, creator of such fun board games as Tigris & Euphrates, Lost Cities, Blue Moon, Ra, Through the Desert, Samurai, Ingenious, Keltis, and many dozens, if not hundreds more, is the author of a book entitled Dice Games Properly Explained.

The majority of Knizia’s book tells how to play many, many dice games. He also spends some time – as you might guess – explaining the math and statistics behind those games. In addition, there are in many cases diagrams that you would use to play the game or to keep score.

I have drawn virtually all of those diagrams and scoring charts and put them in a 32-page PDF that you can download here for free. Most of the time there is only one or two drawings per page. And in all but two cases they are in alphabetical order by game name.

Download the PDF

Pick up Knizia’s book Dice Games Properly Explained, if you’re not familiar with the rules of the games.

If you download the diagrams and charts and find any of them useful, please let me know.

You might also be interested in The Game Inventor’s Guidebook by Brian Tinsman.

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Dice Games Properly Explained