Weave Your Way through the Shuttles

Shuttles is a 2 player fun board game similar to Chinese Checkers in that your goal is to get all of you pieces into your opponent’s home area. Unlike Chinese Checkers, in Shuttles, you only have 5 pegs to move from your home row to the opposite side of the board and the board moves!

ShuttlesShuttles gets its name from the game board itself which is made of movable rows, or shuttles, that you can shift to the left or to the right either to aid the advance of your own pegs or to block that of the oncoming pegs.

Shuttle rows come in three colors: yours, your opponents, and a third, neutral color (yellow, in the version shown in the picture) for the center row. You can only shift shuttles of your color and the center row, and they can only be moved one space per turn.

You may jump over an opponent’s peg but not over your own.

A good strategy is to balance the advance of your pegs with the blocking of your opponent’s pegs. Hopefully you can find shuttle moves that will do both in one move.

Shuttles is usually a quick racing game that you may wish to play more than once per sitting. The rules and game play can easily be learned by children.

Shifting gears from shifting shuttles to sailing ships, you might want to consider the card game Meuterer.

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Shift the Shuttles

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