Education from Board Games?

Clue board
Clue board

The fact that board games – especially fun board games – help children learn shouldn’t surprise you. It’s nice to know that someone outside the relatively small board gaming community recognizes this too though.

The Daily Mail, based in the UK, acknowledges this in this article posted yesterday (4/2/11).

“Board games boost children’s language and speech skills, according to Government communications adviser Jean Gross.

“They also encourage taking turns and listening within the family, added Mrs Gross, who was appointed the first communication ‘champion’ by the last government.”

Though the study mentioned was done in the UK, I’m certain American children (and those living elsewhere) receive the same benefits.

Scrabble and Cluedo (aka Clue) are specifically referred to, but I’m sure other games like Upwords and Mystery of the Abbey promote similar learning experiences.

Board Games Help Children Learn