Connect the Dots in Thurn & Taxis

Thurn & Taxis is a fun board game set in old Germany.

Fun board game Thurn and Taxis
Thurn & Taxis

The board itself is rather bland, but that fortunately has little to do with the fun you’ll have playing this Euro game.

Some have compared Thurn & Taxis to Ticket to Ride, but they really don’t have enough in common to compare them point by point.

But if you like route building games such as Thurn & Taxis, you still are likely to enjoy Ticket to Ride and Power Grid.

This game involves some set collection in the form of city cards. You play cards that form a route on the map. When your route is long enough, you can “cash it in” and place houses on some of the cities. You can choose either to place houses on like-colored locations or on all-different colored spots.

The game continues until someone has placed all of their houses or until someone has built five routes of (minimum) length 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 cards in that order.

Along the way, you may collect victory point tokens for filling up certain regions of the map with your houses. At the end of the game, you add up those tokens along with the points scored for completing routes and then subtract any unplaced houses to determine your final score.

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Thurn & Taxis Reviewed