Power Your Networked Grid

Power Grid, designed by Friedemann Friese, is a fun Euro board game for those who like auctions, the supply and demand mechanic, and lots of math involving money.

Power Grid
Power Grid

One of the neatest features of Power Grid is that it comes with a double sided game board. One side shows the United States, and the other side shows Germany. In a way, you’re getting two games for the price of one, just as in Hacienda.

Power Grid starts each round with an auction for a source of power – a coal plant, an oil refinery, a garbage facility (recycled waste), a nuclear plant, or a wind farm.

Then you buy the corresponding resources to fuel the hardware.

You spend the resources to light up as many cities as you control in return for cash to spend in the next round. Around and around it goes until a number of cities goal is reached signaling the end of the game. That number varies depending on the number of players.

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Get Connected to the Power Grid

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