Is Jaipur More of the Same?

Jaipur is a card game for 2 players that consists of buying and selling at a marketplace. Where have you heard that theme before? Where haven’t you heard that theme before?

JaipurBut wait, it gets more interesting than that.

You see, it not only matters that you’ve got the goods to sell, it’s important to time your sales well. For most goods, you want to get to market before your opponent because first come is better served with more victory points.

Not all the cards in the deck are goods though. Since this game is meant to give the impression of taking place in a semi-arid region of  northwest India, the designer felt compelled to include camels. (I like camel games – Yspahan, Timbuktu, Through the Desert.)

Ignore the fact that today the city of Jaipur is a major metropolitan center of over 6 million people. I guess you have use your wayback machine to get into proper character for this game.

Besides victory point tokens for each of the goods, you are also vying for camel bonus chips and volume bonuses. It will pay you to try to keep track of as many cards and tokens as you can.

A single hand of Jaipur plays rather quickly. You have to win 2 hands though to claim victory. Even so, you’ll probably finish a complete game in half an hour or less – leaving plenty of time to play again!

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Fun Meters (out of 5)
Party: 1
Strategy: 5
Family: 2

Jaipur – More Buying and Selling at the Market

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