I Will Be King of Tokyo…For a While

So you say you want to be king, do you? King of Tokyo? You sure ’bout that?

K is for the King of Tokyo
K is for the King of Tokyo

You’ve got 2 choices: 1) Accumulate 20 points, or 2) Beat up all your fellow monsters/aliens.

Ready? Go.

Each turn you’ll roll dice that can get you some of those points or affect the contenders for the kingship. There are also cards you can buy with energy tokens you’ve gathered. Cards can grant you temporary or permanent effects such as a second head, body armor, or a nova death ray (whatever that’s for).

King of Tokyo plays quickly; that is, it’s a game most would call a filler. You can technically play with 2 players, but 3-6 is recommended, and it’s probably best with 4-5.

Okay, so you won’t really feel like a king. Or then again, maybe you will. In any case, you’ll have a rollicking good time whacking each other on your way to victory…or defeat.

Here’s a longer review.

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King of Tokyo – Be King or Die Trying