Quarriors Nearly Defines Dicefest

Quarriors! has dice, dice, and more dice. Tiny, little dice. Many colors of specialty dice.

Quarriors!You start with your many dice in a bag. You blindly select some of them to roll. You do the best you can with what (literally) turns up.

What can you do with your roll? You can spend some of them on more and better dice! You can use some of them to attack or cast spells on your opponents’ dice. Muahahaha! Sometimes you can even reroll some of them hoping for better results.

Win a battle and score some points. The first dice-roller to gain a set number of points (depending on the number of dice-rollers) wins the game.

Quarriors! is all about managing the inherent randomness that comes with rolling dice. If you’re one of those with a phobia related to randomness in games, run away. The rest of us will find a quick bit of fun shaking, rattling, and rolling hands full of dice in Quarriors!

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Fun Meters (out of 5)
Party: 2
Strategy: 4
Family: 3

Quarriors! – A Bucketful of Dice