Playing with Randomness

Randomonium is a party game where you are challenged to associate two random words as quickly and convincingly as possible. You start with a stack of 10 colorful (though the colors having no impact on the game), domino-like tiles that have two items on each side, both front and back (for a total of four).

Random bits

On your turn, you have 20 seconds to make as many associations as possible. Usually, you’ll only have time for one or two. Pick one of the four items on your top tile and convince the other players that it is related in some positive way to one of the other items already in the playing area. Then lay your tile next to it domino-style.

If all players disagree with your argument, you have to take a penalty tile from the large supply.

The first player to play all 10 tiles wins.

Is That All?

Yes, that’s all.

Is it tough to make the associations? Not really, especially since you can look ahead at what’s on the table and you have four options from which to choose on your own tile.

Will the starting player always win? Maybe not, but it seems likely.

Does this feel like Apples to Apples? A little, but with more effort and less fun. And I don’t care much for Apples to Apples anymore.

There may be one saving grace for Randomonium, but it’s one I really hesitate to mention because of the possibility for abuse. Randomonium might be more enjoyable if everyone has had a drink or two first. The slightly fuzzified thought processes might make this enough of a challenge to turn it into a playable party game.

Note my emphases on may and might. I have not, nor will I, attempt this game in the suggested state. I have nothing against imbibing below the limits of excess, but I don’t enjoy party games in general and this one in particular enough to bother trying.

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Fun Meters (out of 5)
Party: 4
Strategy: 1
Family: 3

Randomonium – Apples to Apples Sauced