Snake Pit is a tile laying, print-and-play game available via Board Game Geek.

Snake PitSnake Pit consists of double-sided tiles showing segments of colored snakes. Your goal is to connect and finish as many snakes of a single color as possible. The longer the snake, the more points you score.

Since tiles are double-sided, you have many possibilities for play. They can be played to show either side and can be rotated to any orientation.

Snake Pit is a simple game that you can play with young children. There isn’t a lot a strategy involved, so it’s a very light game for adults.

You can play with more than 2 players. Snake Pit will accommodate up to 4 contestants.

If you would like to print a copy for yourself, you’ll obviously need a color printer. You can download a PDF from the Snake Pit page at Board Game Geek.

Don’t Get Bit in the Snake Pit